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By appointment only; currently Wednesday evening and Friday morning


Hardly a day goes by without new medical knowledge being reported. This section provides you with a selection of interesting news about progress in the understanding and treatment of cognitive disorders and also developments at the Clinic.



Welcome to Leicester Independent Memory Clinic

Symptoms of forgetfulness, absent-mindedness and poor concentration are common and may or may not have a serious cause. The aim of The Leicester Independent Memory Clinic is to offer timely assessment, information, and advice for memory conditions which combines the best levels of technical expertise with compassion and sensitivity in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. Where appropriate, treatment will also be available. Skilled assessment is particularly desirable in patients with mild or subtle symptoms where there is often the greatest challenge in distinguishing serious from less serious causes of memory disturbance.


The process of assessment - At the Leicester Independent Memory Clinic patients will be able to be seen promptly for initial assessment following referral from their general practitioner. Typically, an initial assessment consultation will last just over an hour after which further investigations or more detailed specific assessments may be recommended depending on the preliminary findings. During your first consultation you will be asked about your current symptoms, your general health and wellbeing, and have an initial assessment of memory and other cognitive functions together with a brief physical examination. A conversation with a spouse, family member or other person well known to the patient is often invaluable at this stage to obtain the most complete picture possible of the pattern of symptoms.


Further investigation – Usually some physical investigations will be advised as part of the initial diagnostic assessment. These might include blood tests, x-rays, an ECG (heart recording), an EEG (brain wave recording) and an MRI or CT brain scan. These tests will either be carried out at the Clinic or at one of Leicester’s private hospitals at a convenient time for the patient. None of the tests commonly undertaken for memory problems are painful or particularly complicated to undergo.


Information and advice – An important part of the patient’s experience at the Leicester Independent Memory Clinic will be an unhurried explanation of each step of the diagnostic process and the provision of as much information as is desired about diagnoses.


Treatment - Where treatment is required and is available, this may be organised via the Clinic and or with the provision of treatment advice to the patient’s general practitioner. Similarly, those patients requiring or desiring specialist follow up for their memory problems may be seen in the clinic as an alternative to being referred back to their general practitioner.

We attach great importance to a personal relationship with our patients. Whether in reception or the consulting room, you will always feel you are in good hands. In the following pages you will find all the important details about our consultation times as well as useful information and services.

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