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Hardly a day goes by without new medical knowledge being reported. This section provides you with a selection of interesting news about progress in the understanding and treatment of cognitive disorders and also developments at the Clinic.



Here are a selection of recently reported scientific developments concerning memory and cognitive disorders...

Falling prevalence of dementia found in three geographical areas of UK over a twenty year period

A recently published multicentre study indicated that over a twenty year period there has been a fall in the proportion of over 65-year olds suffering from dementia MORE...


Subjective Cognitive Decline May Be the Earliest Clinical Indicator of Alzheimer's Disease

Five studies reported at AAIC 2013 point to subjective concern about memory as a potential early warning sign of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's MORE...


Most Online Tests for Alzheimer's Disease Fail on Scientific Validity, Reliability and Ethical Factors

An expert panel found that 16 freely accessible online tests for Alzheimer's disease scored poorly on scales of overall scientific validity, reliability and ethical factors, according to new data reported...at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference® 2013 (AAIC® 2013) in Boston. MORE...


New Alzheimer's Therapy Targets and Approaches Reported at Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2013
Results of four research trials investigating new targets for therapies in Alzheimer's disease, and incorporating novel approaches to participant identification and selection, were reported ... at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference® 2013 (AAIC® 2013) in Boston. The trials involve four compounds that target physical changes in the brain associated with the development and progression of Alzheimer's disease. Two drugs are intended to reduce brain inflammation, one is thought to inhibit the production of an abnormal protein in the brain known as beta-amyloid, and the fourth promotes brain cell regeneration. MORE...

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